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Audi Recalls 75,000 A8s, A7s, A6s, Q7s To Fix Fuel System Fire Risk

Audi has recalled nearly 75,000 vehicles to repair a possible fire risk. The vehicles reportedly have poorly welded fuel reails and it is possible that over time the end caps might fill with gasoline. The only telltale is a vague odor of gasoline. Owners may have already received their notifications, if not, all owners will be notified by the end of the month.

Audi has recalled nearly 75,000 A8s, A7s, A6s, and Q7 crossovers to fix a fuel system fault that could lead to a fire.

According to a story on, the automaker Tuesday noted that the fuel rails in certain 2015-18 vehicles might have improper welds. The recall follows an internal study and engineering analysis of the problem. The website said that variations “n the welding process may cause fuel to leak in the end cap area, over time.” The amount of fuel that will leak will be quite low and will vary by brand. One of the telltales of this problem is a fuel odor that you can’t seem to pin down.

The third-party supplier has reportedly improved the welding process for the fuel rails. The fix seems to have stopped further issues for the parts. If your vehicle has fuel rails made after April 1, 2017, the fuel rails are not subject to recall as they are up to spec. However, fuel rails made before the 2017 date could be present.

If you receive a notice from the Audi, you can schedule a no-cost service appointment to have the fuel rails replaced. The new parts, said, don’t share the defect found in the originals. The recall campaign began in late February and all owners should have received their notices no later than March 15.

For more information, contact Audi Customer Support or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


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