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Audi Continues Sales Success With 73rd Consecutive Increase

Audi continued to set new sales marks in January as it posted its 73rd consecutive month-to-month sales increase. Led by crossovers and its small sedans, the automaker posted an overall 11 percent sales increase. Crossover sales were up 22 percent.
Posted: February 12, 2017 - 1:18AM
Author: Marc Stern

Continuing to shatter its sales marks, Audi’s January sales rose 11 percent. Last month’s strong sales report, marks the luxury Volkswagen subsidiary’s sales streak to 73 consecutive months. Indeed, Audi’s sales rebound dates as one of the earliest indicators that the programs put in place to help the faltering auto industry in 2010 were having a positive effect.

Led by crossovers and its smaller sedan series, Audi sales soared to a record level for the month of January. The brand scored an impressive 22 percent increase in crossover sales. The increase in crossover sales perpetuated a trend that began last year when crossovers overtook and surpassed midsized sedans as the most popular segment of the market.

Sales figures for 2016 indicated that crossover sales first began to surpass sedan sales in the February-March 2016 timeframe and then began to outstrip midsized sedan sales by April.

By specific marques, sales of the popular Q5 crossover climbed 35 percent in January. Its smaller sibling, the Q3, saw its sales rising 31 percent in January, while sales of the resurgent Audi Allroad increased by an impressive 49 percent.

On the sedan side of the luxury Volkswagen division, sales of the A4 countered the trends seen in the market. A4 sales were up a healthy 32 percent, whil3 A6 sales were up a respectable 20 percent in January. In fact, the automaker said, A6 and A4 sales more than offset dips of A3, A5, A7 and A8 sedans. A4 and A6 demand was the two bright spot in an otherwise lackluster luxury car sales report from Audi.

Source: Automotive News, Audi