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2018 App Lets Everyone Control Golf’s New Infotainment Systems

Volkswagen is changing the script on infotainment control. For 2018, the automaker has brand-new nav/infotainment offerings, the Discover Navigation or Navigation Pro and an App that lets anyone control everything. It's a change from the old front-seat passenger -- "shotgun" -- control.

Somewhere back in the dim mists of automotive history, a tradition was born that the driver controlled the car – like the captain of a ship or airliner – while the front-seat passenger (shotgun) chose what was available for tunes or talk. For decades, that model was accurate. However, computerized infotainment systems have changed everything, especially at Volkswagen.

VW Calls System Discover Navigation or Discover Nav Pro

Volkswagen Golfs, equipped with the automaker’s brand-new top-end infotainment system – Discover Navigation or Discover Navigation Pro – can interface with another new VW feature, the Volkswagen Media Control App. Written for Apple iOS and Android, users with access to the built-in WLAN connection and connect to the infotainment system. For 2018, Volkswagen’s best-selling line sports a freshened look. Volkswagen To Intro New Infotainment/Nav System

The new nav/infotainment app changes what you might call the traditional “shotgun” model disappears. Once a passenger does the connect, the user has total control of the infotainment system from the choice of music to the speaker volume and balance. Also, app users can change the nav system and destinations.

The new infotainment app gives full control to anyone in the Golf. Now, this can be a good thing if everyone in the car gets along, but if someone likes to crank the volume up to ear-shattering levels or wants to play something you don’t want to hear, then you are out of luck if he or she uses the app first. Perhaps the best solution to what might become awkward is never letting anyone know the app exists in the first place.

Golf’s WLAN Offers Full WiFi Functionality

You do have an out, though, you can go in and disable the WLAN connect. This way you can keep anyone from hijacking your infotainment system.

One thing you will notice immediately about Golf’s new nav/infotainment offering. The size of its screens which are bigger.