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Why the GMC Terrain is going turbo

The GMC Terrain has been revamped. The new slimmed-down version comes with three new turbo-charged engine choices, including a diesel.

The GMC Terrain accounts for 25 percent of all GMC sales. The once popular small SUV has gotten a bit old. It has been refreshed since it debuted in 2009, but this is the first redesign.

The 2018 GMC Terrain has been slimmed-down, designers have shaved over 400 pounds from its compact SUV frame. The look of the redesigned Terrain is described as the new face of GMC.

The big news however is in the available powertrains. GMC will now offer a turbo-diesel, and two turbo charged gas engines. GMC is not releasing the projected mileage for the new combinations, but the turbo-charging is expected to help them boost the performance of smaller, more fuel efficient engines. Despite VW’s diesel-gate, drivers have been demanding more diesel opportunities. The new 1.6L turbo-diesel gives the drivers the diesel choice if they really want it. It also gives GMC greater opportunity to market the Terrain globally, if they want to. With gas prices rumored to rise in the future, diesel also gives drivers another realistic option.

The 2018 GMC Terrain will also be available in 1.5L and 2.0L turbocharged gas engines. The gas engines will be paired with GM’s new nine-speed automatic transmissions. The 2.0L will have greater acceleration and horsepower than the 1.5L but GMC isn’t releasing those figures yet.

“GMC’s strong growth over the past decade is due in large part to Terrain,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of global GMC Sales and Marketing. “The all-new Terrain builds on that success, leveraging GMC’s proven premium SUV experience to shake up the largest vehicle segment, with a strong blend of design, functionality and engineering excellence.”

The 2018 GMC Terrain will have several different trim levels including the luxury Denali package. Denali is the highest trim level across the GMC brand, for the GMC Sierra pick-up, GMC Yukon full-size SUV, Acadia crossover and Terrain compact SUV.

The 2018 GMC Terrain will also offer GM’s full-complement of safety features including:

• New Surround Vision
• New Forward Collision Alert with Following Distance Indicator
• New Low-Speed Forward Automatic Braking
• New Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning
• Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert
• Rear Cross Traffic Alert
• Rear Seat Reminder alert
• Teen Driver software

The 2018 GMC Terrains are expected to be in dealer showrooms later this year.