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Why GMC Expects the Redesigned 2022 GMC Sierra to be a Hot Seller

GMC will unveiled its redesigned 2022 Sierra pickup at 8 pm, on October 21. The new model is expected to continue the Sierra's red hot sales trend.

GMC will be unveiling its freshened 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 the evening of October 21. The redesigned pickup is expected to look much more like the freshened 2021 large GMC SUVs that debuted earlier. That means the new pickup will carry a larger grille, different bumper and the new C-shaped lights, found on the Yukon.

See the tease video here

GMC is promising that the new 2022 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate package will be the most luxurious pickup the company has ever sold, which is saying a lot because the GMC Sierra is already considered a premium pickup. The Sierra Denali Ultimate will be the top trim package offered and it is expected to include premium interior materials, like a larger infotainment screen, top-end leather and real wood or metal trim.

As I reported in July, GMC already announced that the 2022 GMC Sierra would be getting GM’s Super Cruise upgraded hands-free driving system including the Super Cruise Trailering capabilities. Those upgrades are expected to be significant because it will allow the vehicle to change lanes while towing a trailer, even though the driver’s hands are not on the wheel.

Strong 2021 GMC Sierra Sales

Despite the global shortage of semi-conductor chips, GMC has managed to keep its truck production humming for most of the year. GM has steered most of its chips to its most profitable vehicles like the pickups and large SUVs. GMC has sold virtually every truck it has produced this year. Because the chip shortage is expected to continue into next year, the red-hot truck sales are expected to continue. There is still a huge pent-up demand for pickups. GMC’s sales have been especially strong as its competitors have faced huge shortages, as well. Many GMC dealers in the country have no trucks on their lots and are pre-selling nearly all of the trucks they are able to order. GMC is expected to give details about ordering the 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 and 2500 during the unveiling.

Other 2022 GMC Sierra Upgrades

We will find out on Thursday what other 2022 GMC Sierra upgrades are in store. It has been widely reported that there will be powertrain changes to improve gas mileage and also lower greenhouse gas emissions. GMC is expected to detail those improvements. Check back, we’ll have all the details when the embargo lifts.

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