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Owners of 2014 Chevrolet Silverados want the FTC to force a recall for their air conditioning problems

Owners of 2014 Chevrolet Silverados are taking action trying to force General Motors to either recall their trucks or reimburse owners for the persistent problems with their air conditioning. Thousands of owners have reported problems and the condensers to fix the air conditioning are on back order.

When the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado was voted Rocky Mountain Automotive Press Pickup Truck of the year, no one could have known that down the road the truck would develop huge problems with its air conditioning system. I’ve written two articles about the problems and they consistently draw the most comments. Now 2014 Chevrolet Silverado owners are asking the Federal Trade Commission to step in and force a recall.

Thousands of owners affected

I detailed the problems with the air conditioning in both 2014 Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras last month and also in October of 2016. Instead of air conditioning the vehicles start blowing hot air. Dealers are charging around $1000 to put in a new condenser to fix it. Owners say it is a faulty design and General Motors should be expediting the repairs.

An owner named Matt recently posted a comment on one of my stories. “Just called Federal Trade Commission, they were very surprised to hear there is no recall. Number is - 1-877-382-4357. Please give them a call and file a complaint.” Matt’s complaint is very similar to others I’ve heard. Matt writes, “The A/C unit went, now a national back order. Dealer said when it gets here it gets here, GM said call the dealer to find out when. There aren't even any after market condensers to get. Just how many vehicles are affected by this. I do know it covers Silverados between 2013 and 2016, I imagine it affects GMC also's. I've been waiting since April 2017 with 3 vehicles in front of me at the dealer.” Matt says he has also contacted a lawyer about a potential class action suit.

Chevrolet and GMC losing loyal customers

Scott W. speaks for a lot of owners when he commented on my story. Scott also bought his truck new in August of 2013. “I am sitting at 30 days since the part was ordered. As with everyone else I placed complaints to the dealership and GM customer service. I am in Tucson AZ which will average 100 degrees until the end of September. It is absolutely ridiculous that GM has not fast tracked design-engineering to create a resolution. Last time I checked they are one of the largest manufacturers on the planet. I also thought that with the large truck segment and loyal buyers, GM would step up and create solutions. I am shocked that they have not released a statement for dealers to explain what action they are taking. When you spend $50k on the new truck...you have very high expectations. GM, you are losing good customers!!”

Freddy M. commented on my post, that he, too, is fed up. “I also bought a brand new 2014 GMC Sierra that the AC went out on. I have already spent several hundred dollars to re-charge the unit and for new hoses only to have it all leak out the first day after. I have since ordered a new condenser unit that has been on BACK ORDER for over 3 months and still no news on when it will ship. I will assume that this back order is due to the ongoing problems with this particular condenser and the overwhelming need for them due to their poor design. GM should definitely step up and take care of this obvious problem with this particular condenser unit. It's probably going to cost me close to $1,000 out of my pocket and I have been without my truck for 3 months and still waiting.... I have been a loyal GM fan my whole life, but it might be time to start looking at other brands.”

An owner named Craig posted a response that he received from General Motors. “Hello Craig, Thank you for following up with us. I certainly understand how stressful this situation is for you and I do apologize for the delay you're experiencing with parts. I can confirm the condenser is on national backorder. GM is working with two suppliers in order to alleviate this backlog for customers and are filling orders as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there is no ETA for delivery at this time. If you'd like, we'd be glad to connect with your dealership just to make certain your part is ordered and formally document your concerns in our system. If this is of interest, feel free to send us your contact information, dealer name, and current mileage. Jasmine GMC Customer Care. Been a month so far waiting for a new condenser, I agree that this may well be the last GM truck I own, my last truck was a 2012 GMC Sierra and had air conditioner problems and now my 2015 GMC Sierra, get it together GM!”

One of the problems in mandating a recall is that typically federal agencies only require companies to recall vehicles if there is a risk of danger to the driver or passengers. A lack of air conditioning is uncomfortable but may not rise to the level of danger in all circumstances. It is surprising to me that General Motors hasn’t stepped up to fix such popular and important vehicles for the automaker.

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I have a '14 1500 LTZ. Just called the FTC about this at the number above. Mine went out with just over 60K miles. They want $68 just to look at it and I was told it's "usually" $600-700 to fix it. This is my fourth new Silverado. Will be my last if GM doesn't stand by their product and fix this free of charge. Otherwise, I'll be getting my first Ford after this.
2014 Chevy Silverado 48,000 condenser cracked dealer said something might have hit it. I can tell you it went out while in line for state inspection. not even moving short story $1390 To fix not happy GM this is my first Chevy might be last.
Yup- my 2014 LTZ 1500 just had condenser replaced and it cost me 3 days without my truck and a whopping $1500+! Dealer told me to “let them know if I get a recall from GM” and I will then be reimbursed. YES, I will be calling GM On Monday. My truck has 56k miles on it.
So should I bring my LTZ to the dealer because my truck just started blowing hot air? It worked fine yesterday and now it just blows hot air.Is it the compressor? It is still kicking on but temp stays hot. Any suggestions ,besides complaining to Chevy to get a recall?
I have a 2014 with around 70 k that just had the same issue.Exact same place as all the rest. My dealership told me they have replaced many of them and it's a well known issue.That said it just cost me 940.00 .Pretty pissed off.i have owned GM trucks for decades and can't believe that they have turned a blind eye to there issue and there customers.
First...I had to replace the Condenser...now the Compressor...Damn...
My husband has a 2015 Silverado, the Condenser went out about 5 months ago (it was still under warranty) and now, his evaporator has gone bad (he is just 6,000 miles over his warranty). Chevy denied providing any cost assistance to repair this. The part alone is only $100-$200, the labor was $1,600.00. It is a shame that they are not sticking by their brand, especially knowing there is so many issues with these models. This was my husbands 1st brand new GM and he is not happy. What a shame GM. I called and gave every opportunity for Chevrolet to make this right and they basically told me to fly a kite.
I have a 2014 LTZ Silverado and my ac just started blowing hot air also.after reading all these complaints it’s looks like I’ll be driving in Arizona without air for awhile.is it worth even calling any one about this faulty compressor? My extended warranty is out at 48000 and I now have 53000 .any words of wisdom?
I bought my 2014 Sierra brand new and I’ve had nothing but issue from it. Stabilitrack system faulting causing truck steering to lock up while driving, transmission went out leaving Me stranded at 55,000 miles and a/c went out around 50k miles. Just think I traded in a paid for Titan for this POS. Any word on if GM is going to take care of the a/c issues yet?
I current own 3 GMC Sierra 1500. 1 is a 2014 the other 2 are 2015 models. They all have had a/c compressor problems. Now one of the trucks is having lifter problems. They say the engine is destroyed. I have bought GMC since we started this company 17 years ago. We will not buy another GMC product. Good-bye GMC. Hello Ford.
I have a 2014 Chevy V8 Silverado with 78,000 miles and the condenser sprung a leak and it was blowing hot air last week Sunday. Had my mechanic fix it and then found out that many Silverado acs have had the same problem. The dealer said that GM did a recall for the Tahoe with this pron=blem but not the trucks. I called Chevy and they said they cant do anything and werent aware of it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said there was nobody else that I could speak to. I asked for an address to write to GM so here it is: " General Motors Corp PO Box 33170, Detroit MI 48232-5170 I intend to write and request reimbursement for the AC and include this article and all of the consumer complaints on here. Has anyone found a lawyer to take on a class action suit? My water pump also failed but is covered under the power train policy. I had planned to keep this truck for a while but I guess I will have to make other plans. Never buying another chevy or GM vehicle. I had a Terrain whose AC also failed because there was a leaky weld n the frame that allowed water to short the AC controls. I have had enough. Thanks for taking the time to post all of these comments since we are building a case and reporting info in one spot.
My 2014 Silverado's with an existing "KNOWN" GM AC went down at ~42K with a cracked line. This is a "KNOWN" problem with the '14, '15 and '16 Silverados and all I got from the dealer and the GM "Customer Service" folks is "Sorry." It will cost me~$600 to fix this "KNOWN" defect- but all I get is "Sorry." They tell me it is up to the owners to deal with such problems. This hairline crack is a factory defect- I know about a dozen Silverado owners that are not happy with the "Sorry" that GM told me. And now I read where GM is receiving government money- does anyone else think this it totally wrong?
I have the same problem with my air-conditioner on a 2014 Chevrolet 1500. Going to the dealer next week
I have a 2014 Chevy truck and always have been a Chevy fan but I bought the truck brand new and had to have the compressor replaced under 5K miles, now at 96000 miles my condenser is leaking. They want $800 to fix it at the dealer. I am a very disappointed customer right now. Ford sure does look good right now! Also have a Chevy Camaro so there’s no loyalty to us
I have a 2014 GMC Denali, 43000 miles. AC just went out. look at youtube and I have the same issue.
I have a 2016 GMC Sierra, guess what no A/C. If you Google it a firm named Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann and Bernstein has filed a class action law suit naming all of these vehicles.