2021 Jeep Freedom Models
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Jeep Offering New Freedom Editions to Honor the Military

On this holiday weekend, set aside to honor the service men and women who did not make it home to their families, Jeep is announcing new special editions to honor the military. Jeep is offering new Freedom editions for all 2021 Jeep models, so you can pay tribute to the military every day.

The Memorial Day holiday honors all service men and women who lost their lives whiles serving our country. Jeep is using this special time to announce that all of its 2021 Jeep models will be available in special Freedom editions to honor the military.

2021 Jeep Freedom Models

The Freedom special editions will have military-themed exteriors as well as interiors. The Freedom models will have a large “Oscar Mike” military star decal on the hood and an American flag decal on the side of each vehicle. The Wrangler and Gladiator will have an “Oscar Mike” decal on the rear tailgate. All of the 2021 Jeep Freedom models will have matte black/Satin Carbon wheels and accents.

“At the Jeep brand, we are proud of our military heritage, with origins that date back to 1941, and the Freedom special editions are a tribute to all who have served and continue to serve,” said Jim Morrison, Vice President, Jeep Brand – North America. “This Memorial Day, we honor those who have made the greatest sacrifice for their country and support those who continue to serve through these special editions.”

Jeep brand will make a $250 donation to the USO with every Freedom edition sold. All active and recently retired service members also qualify for the $500 Military Bonus Cash across the Jeep 4x4 lineup.

Jeep’s Military History

According to Jeep’s website “In June 1940, with World War II on the horizon, the U.S. Army solicited bids from 135 automakers for a 1/4 ton "light reconnaissance vehicle" tailored to Army specifications. Only three companies responded — Bantam, Willys, and Ford — but, within a year's time they collectively produced the template for the vehicle known worldwide as the "jeep". Willys-Overland delivered the prototype "Quad" (named for the 4x4 system it featured), to the U.S. Army on Armistice Day (Veteran's Day), November of 1940. The design was completed in a remarkable 75 days.”

Jeep says the vehicle is the “stuff of legend; the U.S. Army requested a vehicle—and drove off in a hero.” “Fierce emotional bonds often developed between a soldier and his "jeep" 4x4.”

The dedication to the Jeep continues today. Resale values for Jeeps are incredibly high. Everyone seems to want one and once they get one, they rarely part with it. It is appropriate that Jeep continues to honor the military. The 2021 Jeep Freedom edition will be available on the Renegade, Compass, Cherokee, Wrangler, Wrangler Unlimited, Grand Cherokee and the Gladiator.

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