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Jeep and Ellen Surprise Frontline Nurse with 2022 Jeep Compass

The Ellen Show is winding down its19th and final season. As Ellen DeGeneres prepares to leave the talk show, she is inviting back some of her favorite guests. She teamed up with Jeep to reward one special nurse.

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As Ellen DeGeneres is preparing to leave her talk show after 19 seasons, she is inviting back some of her favorite guests. The visitors range from big name celebrities to everyday people that she has featured from time to time. Jeep teamed up with the Ellen Show and Ryan Tedder of One Republic fame to reward a frontline nurse who has been one of Ellen’s favorites since 2010. See why they gave Nurse George the 2022 Jeep Compass (RED).

Nurse George Morris and the Lucky 13

Nurse George Morris, from Portland, Oregon, first appeared on The Ellen Show in 2010. He became one of Ellen's most memorable guests over the years because he adored her and they shared the same birthday. He appeared on her show a number of times. He explains that he and several other guests formed a group they called the Lucky 13. The guests all met while in the audience for Ellen’s 2000th show. Nurse George says the members are intent on spreading Ellen’s message of kindness and refer to themselves as “kindness ambassadors” doing good deeds. Nurse George continued to work through the COVID pandemic and is still at the same Portland Hospital.

Ryan Tedder, leader singer from rock group One Republic, is one of the stars who teamed with Jeep on its (RED) mission to fight the COVID global pandemic. (RED) was initially founded by superstar Bono fifteen years ago to fight Aids. Organizers decided to expand the focus as the COVID crisis exploded. Tedder also appeared on the Ellen Show to help award the vehicle to Nurse George, for his continual work in the community and on the frontline.

Watch the Clip from the May 11, 2022 Ellen Show

Jeep announced the collaboration with (RED) last September.

“As the first automotive brands ever to join forces with (RED), a leader in the worldwide fight against pandemics, our immediate goal is to initiate a call to action to help combat these global health emergencies, including COVID-19 relief efforts,” said Olivier Francois, global chief marketing officer, Stellantis. “This marketing amplification plan across our three unique brands to drive more impact, more value, more meaningful awareness globally for the partnership allows us to turn $4 million into something far greater over the next three years.”

The Jeep brand is proud to be one of the first automotive brands to join forces with (RED), a leader in the worldwide fight against pandemics. The sale of every Jeep Compass (RED) edition and Jeep Renegade (RED) edition, along with limited-edition merchandise, will support a commitment to the Global Fund that strengthens health care systems and helps fund life-saving programs.

Ellen's final show is scheduled to air on Thursday, May 26, 2022.

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Ellen Show Video courtesy of Ellentube.

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