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How hard is it to install HID headlights on a 2017 Ram truck?

The question keeps popping up on truck forums. What special harnesses or modules do you need to install HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlamps on a 2017 Ram?

Check on any truck or performance car forum and you will see questions about adding HID or High Intensity Discharge headlights to a vehicle. This latest question asks Ram owners about the difficulty. Mongoose has a 2017 Ram. “Has anyone installed regular canbus compatible (with no relays) HID kits in their Headlights and fog lights? I was just helped a buddy install kits the other day on his 2017 bighorn and they function fine. I originally told him they wouldn't work, but clearly I was wrong. So do 2017's not have the same issues with HID kits as the 2015/2016?”

Mongoose is referring to the need for an additional module or relays to control the lights. Omac says that he has been told that you must use an adapter harness or a PWM module to make it work. “You can. Just have to get a HID kit designed for the RAM. Works flawless.”

It is important to point out that HIDs should never be placed in a reflector light. That is illegal because they are much too bright. HIDs can only be used in projector lights and that can still be illegal in some states.

Pete, from Buffalo, says, “Putting an aftermarket HID kit in a reflector housing is illegal in all 50 States. This is for a reason...the light scatter cannot be controlled and it blinds oncoming traffic.”

Thunderhorse, from North Carolina, says putting them in the reflector housings is dangerous. “I took a trip out to Winston-Salem yesterday to visit my cousin and you would not believe how many people were doing this. Coming towards me, behind me...I had to move my head so the light wouldn't blind me from my mirrors while I outran them just to get out of it. They were probably marveling at how bright their new lights were and wondering why they hadn't done it before. There was one Chevy with a lift who had his aimed right at my back window.”

An aftermarket supplier says that you don’t need confusing relays, but you do need a PWM module for the lights to work. “The 2017 RAM will require the use of a PWM module (canbus module). You will not need to use additional relays and resistors with our HID kits -- only the PWM module.”

When he is asked the question very specifically again, the supplier responds. “Yes, you would need a PWM module or some sort of inline adaptor (that works). Either way, it's needed for the 2017 RAM (same as the 15+). What you don't need is a set up that comes with relay harnesses and resistors.”

From the suppliers that answered, it looks like changing out to the HID lights runs approximately $180+ and it requires you to remove the grill to get at the headlights. It is supposed to be relatively easy once you get the grill off. But remember, it can only be for projector lights, and even then it can still be illegal.

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