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The 2024 Cadillac CELESTIQ Brings The Cadillac Beauty Back to Life

Cadillac is bringing back the brand’s historic symbol of grace and performance to adorn its halo vehicle, the handmade CELESTIQ.

Ever since the 2024 Cadillac CELESTIQ was officially announced in July of 2022, Cadillac has described it as the pinnacle of everything Cadillac stands for. The stunning electric vehicle will be built by hand at the GM Tech Center. It is described as the epitome of grace and performance. What better way to symbolize its artistry than to bring back the beautiful Cadillac ornament?

What is the Cadillac Symbol?

The stunning female sculpture was a hood ornament on Cadillac’s most beautiful models from 1930-1956. She appeared again on the 1959 Eldorado Brougham. She represented the Cadillac’s swiftness and power. She will reappear on the CELESTIQ as a tribute to the past and a symbol of the brand’s new handcrafted artistry.

CELESTIQ is the beginning of the future for Cadillac, conveying the artistic innovation the brand is bringing to luxury electric vehicles,” said Bryan Nesbitt, executive director of Cadillac Design. “We wanted this flagship EV to embody the significant heritage of the brand in a truly meaningful way, representing the absolute pinnacle of bespoke craftsmanship from Cadillac.”

The new Cadillac symbol will no longer be a hood ornament. She will be found on the front quarter panel and within the multi-function controller on the center console of the CELESTIQ. According to Cadillac, “The front quarter panel trim piece is milled from billet aluminum, polished, brushed and tinted, encasing the figure molded in glass. The symbol in the infotainment controller is positioned center stage within the interior and is backlit and also encased in glass. The aluminum dial turns independent of the glass, ensuring she always remains upright.”

The enchantress will also light the way when it comes to the CELESTIQ’s charging. The CELESTIQ charge port is surrounded by a ring of light that responds when the vehicle is plugged in. As the driver initiates and ends the charging process, they will receive visual cues that their vehicle is charged. Drivers will see a lit emblem above the charge port. Cadillac says the symbol is a visual representation of how electrification is the soul of CELESTIQ and Cadillac as a whole.

“The sculpture has always been a symbol of progress and aspiration throughout the history of Cadillac,” said Crossley. “Her return on CELESTIQ showcases our forward motion, as we enter a new era of craftsmanship and design.”

Cadillac Beauty History

The Cadillac ornament made her first appearance in 1930. She was originally designed by William N. Schnell of Ternstedt Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of General Motors. The original was a work of art that embodied “the very spirit of unsurpassed swiftness and power, coupled with grace and perfect balance.”

The sculpture’s long, sweeping lines were also meant to convey “the modern beauty and fleetness,” of the brand, and was available on Cadillac’s V-8, V-12 and V-16 models.

With the end of Cadillac V-12 and V-16 production, a new symbol was adopted for all models in 1941. After World War II and throughout the 1950s, she evolved further and updated designs were reportedly inspired by the same aircraft influences that sparked tail fins and jet-engine design cues, under the direction of legendary GM Design Vice President Harley Earl.

Escala, CELESTIQ and the new Beauty

In August 2016, the Escala concept debuted in Pebble Beach, California, introducing a new era in Cadillac design. It also marked a beginning in the Cadillac design studio’s quest to resurrect the symbol as inspiration for the next generation of vehicles, leading the brand into its all-electric future.

GM Design sculptor Richard Wiquist was charged with shaping a new beauty that pointed Cadillac toward the future, while also reflecting its legacy. Sculpted entirely by hand, today’s ornament appears only on the CELESTIQ, denoting the hand-crafted, bespoke creation of each vehicle and pointing toward a better future for generations to come.

2024 CELESTIQ to be Totally Customizable

The CELESTIQ will be hand built and is expected to cost in the $300,000 range. The buyer will be able to design the vehicle of his or her dreams. No more than six vehicles will be assembled at any time. Buyers can choose from hundreds of exterior paint colors as well as hundreds of interior colors.

It will feature an Industry-first Smart Glass Panoramic Sunroof with fixed glass and the World’s first ClimateSense individualized four-zone microclimate system. The CELESTIQ is available by waitlist only. GM is investing $81 million into the Tech Center in Warren, Michigan so that it can be built there. Production should start in 2023. Visit for more information.

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