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2016 Ram 1500 owners debate the best replacement antennas

The owner of a 2016 Ram 1500 is looking to replace his standard antenna. He asks for recommendations on getting good reception for a great price.

Gables, from New Hampshire, started the discussion by asking Ram truck forum members for recommendations about getting a new antenna. “I want to change mine to a shorter one. What's everyone using for this application?”

The problem is that often times switching to a shorter antenna translates to losing reception.
Junior, from Ohio, has tried a couple of different ones. “A lot of folks use the stubby. They look pretty cool, I bought one but found that I got no FM reception at all. Others claim to have good results with it, I did not. Ended up going with a 13 inch antenna x. Still looks cool and I get much better reception now. Highly recommend.”

Olli, from New Jersey, agrees. “I too have tried the stubby. Terrible reception.”

Roc, from Louisiana, recommends “AntennaX Off-Road (13-inch) Antenna for Dodge Ram 2500”. He says “Still get my local stations fine.”

Chillin’, from Ontario, says he has found a short antenna that works well. “I use a 6 3/4" stubby from , it gets excellent reception, equivalent to the oem antenna or better. I have had it on the truck for about 2 weeks and where the oem antenna used to drop the station I was listening to, the stubby just got a little static. The station is about over an hour drive away.”

Packer, from Florida, says he has had great luck with a shorter antenna. “I got an antenna-x 13" antenna. There are different sizes depending on what you want. Good AM/FM reception. Had a stubby before and reception was terrible.”

Fletch, from Colorado, has also had good luck and good reception from the AntennaMastsRus version. Most importantly they say the reception is very good. “I have the 6 3/4 from It rocks every bit as good as the factory and looks great. Don't have to remove it when I use the auto wash either.”

That comment about it surviving the car wash is a great point. Haven’t we all lost an antenna to the car wash at some point in our lives? Most of the replacement antennas mentions range in price from $18 to $30 dollars. Most have a specific version for different years and sizes of Ram trucks. You may want to check around to get the best price.

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