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Whoops! 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Is Leaked

Auto show season is upon us and that means two things, new vehicles debuting and leaks of those vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz was hoping to wow us with the debut of the 2017 E-Class and has been dropping teasers in the past week to get everyone amped up. But German website Auto-press.de decided to rain on Mercedes' parade by revealing a set of official photos of the next E-Class along.

The photos show the E-Class following in step with the C and S-Class in terms of overall design. The front is primarily C-Class with an aggressive grille and new LED headlights. Around back is S-Class with similar trunk lid design and unique taillights. Auto-press.de says the new E-Class rides on a longer wheelbase and overall length has increased by 1.7 inches. We have detailed what the E-Class' interior will have in a previous piece.

As for powertrains, Auto-Press.de says a range four and six-cylinder engines running on diesel and gasoline will be on offer. There will also be a plug-in hybrid variant called the E350e. Details on the what the U.S. get is unknown. But we would wager that a turbo-four, turbo six-cylinder, turbodiesel-four, and the plug-in hybrid will be the choices.

Has the leak of the next E-Class made you more or less excited?

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