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Volkswagen Dealer Planning Documentary on the Diesel Emission Scandal

We'll admit the Volkswagen diesel scandal has gone in various directions and places we weren't expecting. Case in point is an owner of a Volkswagen dealer planning a documentary on the scandal.
Posted: April 12, 2016 - 4:23PM
Author: Will Maley

Steve Kalafer, chairman of the Flemington Car & Truck Country (which has a Volkswagen dealer) in New Jersey is producing a documentary titled Backfire: The VW Fraud of The Century. It may seem odd that the owner of a Volkswagen dealer is doing a documentary, but Kalafer lives a double life. Aside from being the owner of a group of dealers, he is also a filmmaker. Kalafer has produced sixteen films (mostly documentaries) and has been nominated for three Academy Awards.

Speaking with Automotive News (Subscription Required), Kalafer explained the film would look at the diesel scandal through various lenses; customers, dealers, regulators, former Volkswagen executives, and researchers at West Virginia University - the folks who initially uncovered the excess emission. The one thing Kalafer will not being doing in this film is putting himself in front of the lens.

"I will not have a point of view. The participants will," Kalafer explained.

Kalafer isn't one to mince his feelings about Volkswagen and their executives saying the company has been 'silent' on how it plans to compensate owners and dealers. He also worries this scandal could hurt Volkswagen in the long term and put dealers at risk.

"When I came to Volkswagen [to discuss the film], they said, "Why are you doing this?'" Kalafer said. "I said, "To tell the truth.'"

This film is currently being worked on and it hasn't been decided if it will be a film or a series. Whatever the decision may be, this is just another thorn in Volkswagen's backside.

Pic Credit: Volkswagen