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Rumored: Mercedes-Benz Plans Four-Door S-Class Coupe

The current Mercedes-Benz S-Class lineup includes the sedan, Maybach sedan, extra-long Pullman, coupe, and the upcoming cabriolet. But there is another variant coming.
Posted: April 8, 2016 - 10:57AM
Author: Will Maley

Car Magazine reports that the green light been given project S82, a four-door S-Class coupe.

Wait, why?

World domination? To provide a serious answer, it comes down to how the current S-Class is doing in terms of sales. The past few years have seen Mercedes sell more than 100,000 S-Class models.

What do we know about project S82?

It will be part of the next-generation S-Class lineup, which is expected to come out in either later 2020 or 2021 with the standard sedan. The four-door coupe will follow there after. Mercedes is resurrecting an iconic nameplate for this new model, SEC. This name was used between 1981 to 1992 for Mercedes' flagship coupe (based on the S-Class).

As for the design, sources tell Car that the design will comprise the passenger cell of the long-wheelbase S-Class sedan, and the front and rear ends of the S-Class coupe. Expect all of these elements to somehow be smoothed out and sleek. The reason for this is Mercedes not wanting to spend a lot of money with designing a new body for this model.