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Porsche Teases and Announces A Reveal Date for Next-Gen Panamera

We knew that Porsche would be revealing the next-generation Panamera sometime this year, most likely at the Paris Motor Show. But it appears the German sports car marker is planning to show it sooner.
Posted: June 8, 2016 - 9:15AM
Author: Will Maley

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Yesterday, Porsche revealed that the next Panamera would make its world debut on June 28th. Along with this announcement, Porsche released a teaser video. The video doesn't really show the Panamera. It spends most of its time talking about how people thought the company was mad for doing strange things such as putting the engine in the back of a sports car.

But there must something you can tell us about the Panamera.

There is and it deals with the picture above. This was released with the teaser video and it appears the Panamera's rear end looks to be borrowing some ideas from the updated 911 and redesigned Boxster. Such details include new taillights and a light bar running across between the taillights.

That's it?

We have some more information thanks to British magazine, Car. They got their hands on some new spy shots of a couple undisguised Panamera mules. The basic shape is the same, but Porsche's designers have done the seemingly impossible; turn an ugly design into a sleek one. A lot of this goes to the design being better proportioned.

Porsche will have the Panamera sedan and a new wagon, although there is talk about a long-wheelbase sedan coming. We'll find out more when Porsche unveils the 2017 Panamera later this month.

Pic Credit: Porsche

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