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Next-Generation Porsche Panamera To Get A New Body Style and It's Coming to the U.S.

Porsche has been teasing us for few years with the idea of a Panamera wagon. It was first shown at the 2012 Paris Motor Show as the Panamera Sport Turismo concept. Then numerous spy shots showed that Porsche was possibly considering it. Now a Porsche executive has confirmed that a Panamera wagon is real and is coming to the U.S.
Posted: May 2, 2016 - 11:58AM
Author: Will Maley

Klaus Zellmer, Porsche's U.S. chief recently spoke with Automotive News (Subscription Required) and confirmed that a wagon variant will be coming with the second-generation Panamera. He also said that that the Panamera will be coming to the U.S., but not anytime in the near future.

"We have to have some patience for [the wagon] to arrive in the U.S. But we are confident that this car will be well received here, despite the fact that this country doesn't really like hatchbacks or wagons," said Zeller.

Despite the waning popularity of wagons in most parts of the World, Germans still buy a large amount. This makes the home automakers to keep developing and producing them, despite expanding their crossover lineup.

Porsche is expected to reveal the second-generation Panamera sedan and wagon at the Paris Motor Show in September. Sales for the sedan will begin shortly thereafter in Europe, while the U.S. has to wait till 2017. The wagon will arrive at European dealers in 2017. Automotive News believes the earliest we'll see the Panamera wagon is in 2018.

One more thing!

Zellmer also told Automotive News that Porsche is considering offering the Panamera with a five-seat arrangement. Dealers in the U.S. have been clamoring for this as they lose possible Panamera buyers since it only offers seating for four.

Pic Credit: Newspress

Will Maley contributes automotive news to Torque News.