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Porsche Passes On Autonomous Technologies

It seems every automaker from General Motors to Mercedes-Benz is working on some sort autonomous technologies. Luckily for those who care about driving, there are some automakers who are staying out of autonomous tech.
Posted: February 2, 2016 - 4:09PM
Author: Will Maley

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"One wants to drive a Porsche by oneself," said Porsche Chief Executive Oliver Blume to German newspaper Westfalen-Blatt (and translated by Reuters).

For a sports car maker like Porsche, this decision makes perfect sense. Porsche owners are type who enjoy driving and want the thrill of pushing their vehicle around a special road.

Blume is also not a fan of those who use their phone while driving.

An iPhone belongs in your pocket, not on the road."

However, Blume isn't against all technologies. He told the paper that the sports car company is planning to offer a hybrid version of all their models in the near future. Blume also reaffirmed something we reported back in late January, a plug-in 911 is coming. Blume said that it would be coming out as early as 2018, about two years earlier than what we reported.

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