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Next-Generation Porsche 911 To Come With A Plug-In Hybrid Version

With stricter fuel economy and emission regulations coming into effect around the world, automakers are scrambling to come up with ways of increasing mileage and performance. Porsche is no exception to this.
Posted: January 20, 2016 - 9:42AM
Author: Will Maley

The German sports car maker has already announced that it will be bringing the Mission E into production towards the end of this decade. But Porsche is also hard at work on developing a plug-in hybrid system for the next-generation 911.

“We are working on different solutions. We are developing a pure-electric car like the Mission E, and of course we are discussing plug-in solutions as well for the 911,” said Erhard Mössle, engineering boss for the 911 Turbo, Carrera 4, and Targa to Car and Driver.

“I think that takes some time to bring to market, with the packaging problems of the car. There are a lot of problems to solve before [then].”

A key problem facing engineers is where to place the batteries in the 911. Mössle admits this problem is one the key drivers with engineering the next 911.

As for when we'll see a 911 Plug-In Hybrid, Mössle says it will be with the next-generation model, due in 2020.