Kia K8 Leak

Picture of Production Kia GT Leaks Out. New Video Teases It

The Kia GT sedan has been a source of rumor and speculation since it was first shown as a concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. But this week, we have gotten our first look at the production model.
Advertisement obtained a leaked picture of a pre-production GT sitting in one of Kia's assembly plants in South Korea. Compared to the concept, the production GT isn't as striking. But the profile and certain details such as the hood vents are here. Kia-Word reports that the GT in Korea will be known as the K8.

Following this leak, Kia released a video showing footage of a test vehicle driving on the Nürburgring. We don't see the vehicle in question aside from quick shots of one of the wheels and instrument cluster reaching 240 km/h (about 150 mph) on the track.

It is expected that Kia will unveil the GT sometime next year, possibly at Detroit.

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