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One Engine Option Will Not Be Available For The U.S. Market Audi A4

Audi was planning to have a diesel option for the new A4 in the U.S. But recent events have made Audi rethink those plans.
Posted: March 19, 2016 - 12:33PM
Author: Will Maley

Audi of America President Scott Keogh told Automotive News (Subscription Required) that plans to offer a 2.0L TDI have been scrapped. The reason according to Keogh is due to the lower demand for diesels in sedans relative to crossovers.

“The marketplace speaks, we listen to the marketplace, and the marketplace told us, 'Go with SUVs,’” Keogh said.

We're slightly dubious to this being the actual reason as to why Audi scrapped this idea ('cough' diesel emission scandal 'cough'). But Keogh's comments echo ones he made back at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

“I think there’s a future, that’s point number one. We’ve got to get the cars out there fixed, and we will get them fixed. We’ve got to make it right by the customers and right by the dealers. But I do see a market for cars that have a lot of torque and a lot of range, although I think it will be significantly stronger for SUVs than it is for passenger cars,” said Keogh.

This brings up the question of what happens with Audi's current sedan lineup that offer the option of diesels. Currently, Audi offers the A3, A6, A7, and A8 with a diesel. Keogh said the option would remain through each model's current lifecycle.

“They’re in the market ... so the expense is already there, so I think we’ll hold the debate when the next generation car comes,” said Keogh.