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Mercedes Combines Hydrogen and Plug-In Technologies

You got plug-in hybrid in my hydrogen vehicle! You got hydrogen in my plug-in hybrid vehicle! No, it isn't a Resses cup commercial from the future, but the best way to describe Mercedes' latest hydrogen vehicle.
Posted: June 18, 2016 - 9:08AM
Author: Will Maley

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Last week, the German automaker revealed the GLC F-Cell Plug-In prototype. As the name suggests, the F-Cell Plug-In features a battery - a 9.0-kWh lithium-ion. This gives the vehicle a 30 mile range on electric power. Add in the two hydrogen tanks and Mercedes-Benz claims a total range of 300 miles.

You might be wondering why Mercedes-Benz is adding a battery to a hydrogen vehicle. The answer is quite simple. Hydrogen doesn't have the fueling infrastructure like gasoline and even electricity. By giving the vehicle a battery, this will allow owners to not have the fear of running out of hydrogen.

Mercedes-Benz says the hydrogen tanks can be refilled in about three minutes. Nothing was mentioned as to how long it takes the battery to recharge.

Mercedes-Benz will provide more details when the production version is shown in September at the Paris Motor Show.

Pic Credit: Mercedes-Benz

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