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Kia Introduces A New Premium Trim for South Korea

When Kia debuted the Stinger at the Seoul Motor Show last month, it did not have a 'Kia' badge. Instead, it was wearing a badge with a stylized E surrounded by a circle. Why is that?
Posted: April 23, 2017 - 10:49AM
Author: Will Maley

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Automotive News (Subscription Required) got to the bottom of this and found it is for a new premium line in South Korea. The Stinger will be the first model to wear this badge and other models will follow such as the replacement for the K900 flagship.

"Building on our global competitiveness in quality, design and brand, we at Kia Motors plan to roll out our premium line starting with Stinger. Our Kia Motors premium lineup refers to vehicles with rear-wheel drive, optimizing the essence of a vehicle -- that is, driving performance," said Kim Chang-sik, executive vice president in charge of domestic sales for Kia.

"The value we would like to express through this emblem is that the Stinger is engineered by excellence. The Stinger is indeed the essence of engineering."

For the time being, this new sub-brand will only be sold in South Korea in an effort to move away from its value brand roots.

Pic Credit: Newspress USA

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