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Jaguar Land Rover To Start Testing Autonomous Tech in the Real World

Anyone who has worked on developing autonomous technologies for vehicles knows that what works in the lab doesn't mean it will work in the real world. The only way to know if it will work is to put it to the test on public roads.
Posted: July 13, 2016 - 1:59PM
Author: Will Maley

Jaguar Land Rover has announced this week that it would begin testing autonomous and communication technologies on the roads in the English countryside.

Over the next four years, the British automaker is planning to build a fleet of 100 vehicles that it would use for testing various technologies including vehicle-to-vehicle communication and self-driving vehicles. The route JLR has set up for testing purposes is about 41 miles and will feature motorways and urban areas.

"Our connected and automated technology could help improve traffic flow, cut congestion and reduce the potential for accidents. We will also improve the driving experience, with drivers able to choose how much support and assistance they need. In traffic, for example, the driver could choose autonomy assist during tedious or stressful parts of the journey," said Tony Harper, JLR's head of research.

Some of the technologies that will be put through test route include,

  • Over the Horizon Warning: Uses vehicle-to-vehicle communication to let you know if there are any hazards or obstacles 'over the horizon'
  • Roadwork Assist: Alerts the driver if road construction is coming and help keep the vehicle between the construction cones.
  • Safe Pullaway: The system will stop the vehicle if it detects a wall or vehicle. This system is designed to prevent accidents caused by a driver accidently putting a vehicle into drive instead of reverse.

Pic Credit: Jaguar Land Rover