Jaguar F-Type SVR Convertible

Jaguar Could Use SVR Badge On Vehicles Without V8s

At the moment, Jaguar only offers one vehicle with the SVR badge; the F-Type SVR with 575 horsepower coming from a supercharged V8. But what does the future hold for the SVR badge? Will it remain on V8-powered vehicles?

Jaguar’s director of public relations, Richard Agnew told CarAdvice that Special Vehicle Operations (SVO), the folks behind the SVR models, will look into other engines in the future.

“We can’t possibly say that SVO has to be V8, with the way the world is changing and also the way engine technology is changing as well,” said Agnew.

“It’s not all about capacity – even those hardened petrol-heads understand this power-to-weight ratio and power delivery. And if that comes out of smaller-capacity forced-induction engines, as long as they go well and sound great, I can see in the future a whole suite of options available for SVR.”

A lot of automakers are turning towards smaller displacement engines due to stricter emission standards coming into effect. A key example is BMW swapping the 4.0L V8 from the last-generation M3 to a turbocharged six-cylinder. But there are those who are sticking with the V8 and putting the effort forward to meet the new standards.

“You see AMG designing a new V8 and I think you look at the C-Class AMG and versus the [BMW] M and I think they would disappointed they went to a six and AMG have 100hp on them… that new [Mercedes] V8 they’ve got is a state-of-the-art biturbo with super-low emissions, it’s a great engine,” said Agnew.

This could hint the V8 could be sticking around in SVR vehicles for a time still. But that doesn't mean SVO isn't considering other options such as electrification.

“We stated we are going to have an electric car. One thing about electric cars is that their performance is, dare i say ‘electric’, and I think they are some of the game changers in terms of torque delivery and power delivery. In the future, when we have electric cars, what will an SVR version of it be? It will be bloody quick, but it’s too early to say [more],” explained Agnew.

Pic Credit: Jaguar

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