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BAIC Recycles An Old Mercedes-Benz Platform For New Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz has been a boon for their partners when it comes to sharing old parts. Fiat Chrysler has been going the distance with their LX rear-drive platform which uses bits from old Mercedes models. Now another automaker is taking advantage of this.
Posted: August 24, 2016 - 9:54AM
Author: Will Maley

Automotive News reports that Chinese automaker BAIC has gotten approval from its partner Diamler to develop new vehicles using the platform from an older Mercedes E-Class.

The first vehicle to utilize this old platform is a new midsize sedan that will arrive in 2018. This would be followed by an MPV and SUV. Engines will include a turbocharged 1.8L and a 3.0L - most likely a four-cylinder and V6 respectively. A six-speed automatic will be the sole transmission. All of the powertrain bits will be built in Beijing as part of a joint venture between the two companies. The sedan and SUV will be sold under BAIC's Senova brand while the MPV will be marketed under the Weiwang brand.

BAIC isn't the only Chinese automaker to utilize old vehicle platforms for new models. Here are a couple other examples,

  • FAW Group used the last-generation Mazda6 platform to roll out a number of passenger vehicles
  • Dongfeng Motor Corp. used the platform from the Citroen C5 to build a new flagship sedan known as the Aeolus A9.

Pic Credit: Mercedes-Benz