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Audi's Next RS Model Has An Early Reveal

Posted: February 22, 2016 - 11:52AM
Author: Will Maley
Audi has been keeping their next RS model under tight wraps with no spy shots or teases, only just speculation. But this week, a leak has sprung.


A YouTube user by the name of 'Ron Bolton' uploaded a video a few days ago revealing the RS3 sedan. Quattro World says the video is from a recent meeting where Audi executives were speaking to employees about the future of the company.

The RS3 sedan in the video is sporting a more aggressive front end with a new front bumper with larger vents and a new grille. The back boasts a new diffuser and spoiler. A company official in the video says the RS3 sedan will use a new iteration of the turbocharged five-cylinder engine that is expected to produce up to 400 horsepower. Other bits that the RS3 sedan will include quattro all-wheel drive, high-performance brakes, and new suspension tuning.

The video doesn't reveal a date for when Audi will officially show the RS3 or a possible release date.

There are a couple of other interesting bits from the video.

  • Successors for the RS5 and TT RS are incoming
  • Audi is planning to launch up to seven new RS models between and 2019. The new models will include different body styles and possibly an SUV. We first reported on an expansion of Audi's RS lineup earlier this month.