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Who is Tesla’s latest celebrity customer?

We all have seen reports of famous people stepping in to buy Tesla Model S, but this one might influence more buyers than anyone else. Is it the President? Is it the Queen of England? Who could be more influential than these two people? Well, I think this person can influence more people.

As it turns out, Oprah Winfery recently tweeted some pictures of her driving what looks to be a Tesla S. How exciting to see someone as influential as Oprah get into driving an EV? I wonder if she was influenced by Consumer Reports perfect 100 score that they awarded to the Model S last week.

Since the media queen has helped no less a person as our current President with his political ambitions, it is noteworthy to see her tweeting about an Electric Car which she states is her Car. Reports have Stephen Colbert as a Tesla S owner and I’m sure many others.

Think of all the people that she has helped promote over the years. Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz. and Rachel Ray to name a few. What can a celebrity like her do for the EV world? How many more tweets will we get that show her charging at a Tesla Station? Tweets about how many gas free miles she has driven? Tweets about charging infrastructure that doesn’t work? Will she continue to promote EVs as she has the multitude of celebrity personalities?

As with most of my EV friends once a person makes the switch from gas to electric, they will end up promoting it and telling all their friends. So I’m thankful that she has made the switch and I’m hoping she can help promote electric cars and help others see the tremendous benefit this technological automotive artwork truly is.


Alexi44 (not verified)    September 2, 2015 - 10:16AM

It's good to see green electric cars such as Tesla (TSLA) getting an endorsement by Oprah Winfrey. Now Tesla Motors just need to increase the range to 200 miles and have a new model, which it can sell under a 30,000 dollars. This is a big, but a good challenge for Tesla. Then it will be endorsed by millions.