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What will it take for you to join the Electric Car Revolution?

Revolutions normally start with some sort of dissatisfaction. Is there any dissatisfaction with your transportation needs right now? Gas prices have come down but do you really like having to stop for gas after your spouse forgot to fill up the gas car?

Have you dreaded having to get that oil change and it seems that 3000 miles creep up faster and faster all the time? What about the inspection hassle? Does that ever bother you? Waiting in line to have some technician stick a hose in your tailpipe just to say you are not a polluter?

These are some of the things that pushed me towards electric cars. My main reason for switching over to Electric from gas cars was the cost of travel. An electric mile is cheaper than a gas mile. I think that will always be the case as I don’t expect gas to ever get low enough to make it cheaper per mile than an electric car. Its really hard to beat a $0.03/per-mile cost. It's just a reality that electricity is inexpensive when stored in batteries and used for transportation.

Unlike gas cars, there is no emissions to test so you never have to bring the car in for inspection (at least you don’t in NJ and I’m not sure about every other states rule). The other benefits are that you don’t pay any sales tax on electric cars in NJ. That’s a big benefit.

Because the Electric Car doesn’t need oil changes, that inconvenience has gone away and the fluctuating cost of gasoline really isn’t a concern anymore as you never have to stop for the stuff so the price really doesn’t matter. I’ve been driving an EV for almost 6 years now and my electricity rates have been extremely consistent during that time. So everything is easily planned for and you know what your bills are going to be.

Additionally the Electric car makes no noise and has instant torque from zero RPMs which means it accelerates faster than almost any gas car. So the overall performance is better with an EV. In the grand scheme of it all, switch to electric was the best move I’ve made and can’t wait for the 300+-mile range Nissan Leaf. That is a game changer.

What will it take for you to join the EV revolution?


RobertDeDomenico (not verified)    September 26, 2015 - 5:27PM

It would take nothing short of a lobotomy to get me to drink the electric car koolaid. Nothing is more false than to claim that electric energy cycled through a battery is cheap. Rechargeable batteries cost a lot of money, and don't last long enough to justify that cost in the automotive application. Too bad that there are so many charlatans stealing public money under the guise of helping everyone out. Worse that there are so many clueless cheerleaders urging them on. Actual good developments go unsupported while colossal wastes like electric cars feast on the public coffers like pigs at the trough.

Charles (not verified)    September 27, 2015 - 3:04PM

If capacity loss is 70% warranty is improved to 10 year, 150,000 miles And price is under $35K; to me that will show me that manufacturers are not concerned about battery degradation in hot climates.
I live in Houston. Texas and car would only be plugged in during the evening.