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Rumor Has It Apple To Join Auto Manufacturers By Launching an Electric Car in 2019!

Is Apple's iCar Google next? Is it going to be an autonomous drive? Will this be a winner or a loser? Who will jump into the first car launched by a company that has only been making electronics? This are the questions I have for this long awaited product launch.

In the grand scheme of the technology giant where else can it go to grow in the consumer marketplace? They have grown into the technological giant of today and what will become of them when they try and tack down the USA’s big three? Are Ford, GM and Chrysler going to take this lightly like then did with Tesla? That was a mistake as look how big Tesla has grown and look at the impact they are going to have on the electric utility industry with their battery wall launch?

Technological change is happening at a pass never before seen in our lifetime. By the time this product is launched (estimates are it will be by 2019) Uber could be buying up all of Tesla’s self driving cars, totally changing the marketplace of generation X and the Millenniums. Auto dealerships might cease to exist, auto parts stores could be on the way out, parking lots could be ghost towns and all because of a self driving car that can be summoned by a wrist watch.

There are reports that Apples Electric Car will be autonomous and then others state it will need a driver. I think by estimated launch time, they are truly going to need to be on the cutting edge and make the car driver-less. I’m sure it would be easier for a first time auto maker to allow the customer to actually make the driving decision however I believe the market place will be well on the way to changing within the next few years towards autonomous drive cars.

There is, of course, the Apple phenomenon which will mean that the Apple Zealots will buy it just because its made by Apple. It will also be likely twice the price and again, it will sell because of the loyal fan base. It sure by the time it is launched it will have a cool design form factor and it will be interesting to see if the car looks anything like the now defunct Aptera electric car. That sure had a unique design but never really took off...

I’m also quite sure there will be 3 years of hype to go with it.


mike w (not verified)    September 25, 2015 - 7:55PM

Oh let me guess--The batteries will not be replaceable, each successive model will required a different power cord and will only run on roads built by Apple.