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The New Victims of the VW Scandal

As the EV reporter here, I find the recent scandal involving VW and its falsification of emission data somewhat ironic. This scandal is now likely to become a criminal investigation in the USA and claimed the VW CEOs job as reported today on Bloomberg or maybe not.

This is all extremely sad and shows a lack of judgement and foresight regards to how important the environment is and the repercussions of not following the law of the land set up to protect it. The likely damage that can come out of this is significant with estimates that it effects over 11,000,000 Volkswagen vehicles.

My fascination with this is a little closer to home. Back in 2008 when I was running my EV conversion shop, I was demonstrating one of my conversions at a green fair in NYC. A few booths down from me at the green fair was the VW booth and their “clean diesel” cars. I was perplexed as diesel is anything but clean. People were talking to the VW sales people and getting the lies of how clean the cars where and in reality as it turns out now, they weren’t.

All and all, as the facts continue to come out, it just shows the ignorance of some people in the leadership of VW to think that diesel is clean and it never was. To mislead people for years and to feed the false hope that they could drive diesel guilt free was totally wrong.

As one of the last companies to embrace electric cars and now that they are finally in that space, just proves that Telsa and emissions policy has pushed the OEMs kicking and screaming into the EV space. All that remains in this marketplace is the consumer acceptance that all the EV manufacturers have been trying to explain for some time for this market to truly explode.

Even Carlos Ghosn, Nissan’s CEO, has stated Nissan will not sell diesel cars in the USA and I’m glad he isn’t. His company sells the number 1 electric car in the world (Nissan Leaf) and proves that some leaders get it and others don’t, that EVs are the future and diesel is not.