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Audi Trying To Make It Into The EV Space with e-tron Quatro

Are European auto manufacturers feeling the pressure to launch electric vehicles? Has Audi seen the light? Is their new concept car competitive in this increasingly competitive marketplace?


The Frankfurt Auto Show is truly turning out to be an Electric Car specialty launching ground. VW has already dipped its foot into the Electric Car arena with the eGolf but now its two premium brands, Porsche and Audi have stepped into the EV premium space now. Is Telsa really pushing the auto industry now or what? I’ve said it multiple times that the EV is the future and regardless of the price of gasoline the future will be electric.

Now lets look at this concept car launch video.

The SUV is perfectly timed to reflect the recent launch of the Tesla X. No coincidence there right? Of course not. Are there some interesting things awaiting us with the expected car launch? Yes, the air vents in the hood are interesting to me but I’m not sure there is a great need for it. While it will help with venting heat from the controller/inverter, it isn’t as necessary as with an internal combustion engine instead of an electric motor.

It has side view cameras that extended out the side of the car just in front of the front doors. This enables side views other either side of the car will driving.

Nice for those skinny roads in Europe I’m sure. Additionally the rear diffuser and spoiler will help with the driving efficiency of the car at different speeds. The charge time that was referenced was fast in about 30 minutes which I’m sure is at level 3 voltage range.

Not much more detail given but I will update should be information come forth…..