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3 Reasons 2015 Likely to Not Reach 2014 EV Sales Figures

Many factors are contributing to the decline in Electric Vehicles Sales. This is trending to the lightest EV sales year since the modern days EV sales started back in 2011 when the category was virtually empty.

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In 2014, the USA Electric Car market came in at 123,049 (according to statistics compiled from So far in 2015 the USA car market has purchased 72,270 as of the end of August with four months remaining. At this rate in order to match last year’s sales rates the USA would have to sell 12,695 Electric cars each month toward the end of the year. Since the monthly EV cars sales in the USA has not averaged that high a sales figure it is doubtful the USA will come in with a positive EV sales number for the year.

Why is that? I have written about this previously but here is a few ideas I have regarding the declining sales rate of EVs in the USA.

1) Gas Price has been declining.
2) Many Electric Car leases are ending putting many used EVs on the market.
3) Large Hype of increased range models on the horizon that will have much longer range than current models.

While the overall car market has held strong throughout this year most of the new car sales are trending toward gasoline powered models. With the gas price breaking below $2/gallon for the first time in some location within the last two weeks gives people the idea that gas prices are going to remain low.

Since many Nissan Leafs and Chevy Volts were initially sold on lease, they are back up for sale and the market has needed to absorb these cars so many would be EV buyers can get a good price on a used Nissan Leaf and then wait for the next generation Leaf that will likely have 330 miles of Electric Vehicle Range. The Tesla Model 3 is on the horizon as well as the Chevy Bolt.

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mike w (not verified)    September 12, 2015 - 3:18PM

A 2017 Leaf with 330 miles of range? Everything I have been seeing about that car says maybe 200 miles max. But otherwise yes. I expect 2016 Leaf sales to take a "Hit" while buyers wait till the longer range 2017 models to come out. Volt sales are limited to CARB states for a portion of the year.