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Jaguar replacing the XK with an F-Type based XJ Coupe

The time draws near for Jaguar to say goodbye, the XK has come to the end of the road. Will Jaguar pull the covers off a new XJ coupe based on the amazing F-Type?


Production is scheduled to end on the XK lineup with the 2015 model and loyal fans are curious if Jaguar will launch a GT (Grand Tourer) version of the XJ. As the curtains are pulled for the final time it will end an eight year run for the coupe and convertible XK.

Many are speculating that Jaguar will step up to Bentley and Aston Martin territory with the introduction of an even more luxurious 2+2 larger F-Type based car. That may be just what the well-established GT automakers need is a little British competition. Jaguar surely knows the formula for this market and would make a nice budget Bentley competitor. Mercedes also has a new S-Class Coupe that is sure to please the GT crowds.

I hope Jaguar will let Ian Callum (Design Director-Jaguar) start with a clean sheet of paper and design the sleek and sexy coupe we all know he was born to build. The power plant is already in place and waiting to be dropped under the bonnet. The fire breathing 5.0-liter Supercharged V8 is the perfect match for an all-new long nosed and aerodynamic XJ coupe.

The XJ Coupe would need to sit lower to the ground and have a little wider stance, but the heart and soul of the F-Type would need to be evident in the design. I’m not sure a larger F-Type will work, but a smaller and more elegant XJ coupe would be the perfect blend.

I recently met a loyal Jaguar fan from the UK who said the GT cars are the type of vehicle you drive with you proper driving hat on and you wear your ball cap turned around backwards when you drive the F-Type. Whichever cap you wear while driving, let’s hope Jaguar will deliver us another home run with the XK replacement.

We can only speculate at this time but my guess would be given the new models coming out soon from Jaguar, it would be 2017 before he see this XJ Coupe. Stay tuned to Torque for all the latest news on the XK replacement.

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