Volkswagen Golf SV

UK Orders for Volkswagen Golf SV Will Be Filled in July

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Consumers awaiting the Volkswagen Golf SV in the UK can order now and expect to be on the road this summer.

Volkswagen UK customers can now place their orders for the new Volkswagen Golf SV, which packs in all the advanced technology of the award-winning Golf hatchback range, but in a larger, even more practical body.

The Golf SV is the third variant of the seventh-generation Golf, alongside the hatchback and the Estate, and has a look that clearly follows the design of its siblings, with strong elements of Volkswagen’s design ‘DNA’. At 4,338 mm long, the new SV is 134 mm longer than the Golf Plus that it replaces, and 83 mm longer than the Golf. It is 224 mm shorter than the Golf Estate. Its 2,685 mm wheelbase is 48 mm longer than that of the Golf, helping to generate more interior space, while the SV is also 81 mm wider, at 1,807 mm, and 126 mm higher, at 1,578 mm (excluding roof rails).

That greater interior space provides for greater flexibility. The rear seats (a 40:20:40 split bench) can slide forwards and backwards by up to 180 mm, to increase either passenger or luggage space as required.

Compared with the boot of its predecessor, capacity is increased by 76 liters to 500 liters with the back seats at their rear-most position (versus the Golf’s 380 liters and the Estate’s 605 liters). Moving the rear seats forwards increases the luggage capacity to 590 liters, while folding the rear seats liberates up to 1,520 liters of room. The front passenger seat can also optionally fold fully forward, creating a load space which is up to 2,484 mm long.

Safety Details and Assistance Features

Like the Golf, the Golf SV comes with a raft of standard and optional passive and active safety systems. These include a standard automatic post-collision braking system which automatically brakes the vehicle after a collision to reduce kinetic energy significantly and thus minimize the chance of a second impact, and a PreCrash system which, on detecting the possibility of an accident, pre-tensions seatbelts and closes the windows and sunroof, leaving just a small gap, to ensure the best possible protection from the airbags.

Other electronic aids include Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Assist and City Emergency Braking, all of which are standard from SE specification and above, and which can reduce or eliminate the chance of accidents occurring. Also available are a Driver Alert System, a camera-operated Lane Assist system and a Dynamic Light Assist system.

A first for the Golf SV is a blind spot monitor, dubbed Side Scan, with an assistant for exiting parking spaces. This monitors the area behind and to the sides of the vehicle, ensuring easier and safer egress when reversing from a parking bay. It will be packaged as an option together with Lane Assist.


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this just sounds like a car I would LOVE of course, a lot of the things(Bluetooth,etc) are things I would not even begin to understand or prob. ever use. but the car, wow.