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8 Maintenance Checks You Should Do This Spring

Sometimes it is just easier to make car maintenance part of our shift from season to season. Here are some tips for springing forward with a few car-care basics.

Sometimes it is best to set some of your maintenance tasks to a time of the year—in this case a spring vehicle maintenance check. Some of these tasks should be done more frequently, of course, but as long as it is time to do spring cleaning around the house, why not get it done around your car, as well? After all, some of us seem to spend as much time in our cars as we do in our homes!

Each spring (and each fall, as well, in fact) give your car a once-over with this car-care checklist. Some of these you may be able to complete yourself; others, take to your car care professional for a closer look.:

  • Batteries, Plugs & Wires: Winter can be extra hard on these parts of your car, so test and replace your batteries, and check and replace plugs and wires, as well.
  • Tire Pressure: Cold weather can affect tire pressure, actually lowering it. So, check all of your tires to be sure they are properly inflated. Check the owner’s manual (or look on the inside of the car door) to find out what the proper pressure for your tires should be. And, don’t forget the spare!
  • Belts and hoses: You should have checked these going into the winter, but cold weather can be very hard on these. Check to see if any of your belts or hoses appear cracked, worn, blistered or brittle. And, if they have hit the five-year mark, they may need replacement, anyway.
  • Suspension & Wheel Alignment: Winter driving can be hard on these, with the rough roads, salt and chemicals that can cover the streets you drive.
  • Fluid Levels: These need to be checked periodically; changing from cold to warmer weather is a great time to see how they are doing. Read more about the fluids you need to check here on TorqueNews.
  • Brakes: Don’t forget the brakes! Lines, hoses, brake fluid and the parking brake can all use a good once-over.
  • Air Filter: Easy and quick task that can make a huge difference in your car’s performance! Check your owner’s manual for guidelines.
  • Windshield Wipers: We too often forget about our windshield wipers, until we need them! Cold air and the chemicals of winter can make a mess of our wipers; check them out and replace as needed. You’ll be glad you did when you can actually see out of your windshield.

And, while you’re at it, give your car a good cleaning, inside and out. Washing away the dregs of winter can be nothing but good for a promising spring!


shirl (not verified)    March 23, 2014 - 8:35AM

this is so impt. doing the twice a year check on the car. finding out what you need to take care of a car and keep it running as long as possible...poor maintenance can mean ruining a car, causing you to really spend a lot of money, sometimes, even getting another one. good habit to get into, taking care of your car :) and washing, definitely!!! when we don't wash the car, the paint breaks down from all the chemicals, dust, dirt, grease....when the paint goes, the rust arrives! thanks for the reminder :)

Mechele Dillard    March 24, 2014 - 9:45AM

I have to admit, Shirl, I'm not always good about washing my car, especially during the pollen season--when I should be most diligent! LOL--but, I am going to do better this spring, I vow. :)

Jay Buckley (not verified)    March 25, 2014 - 12:10PM

Dont forget your cabin air filter! Spring pollen and dirt will enter your car if your Cabin Air filter is not clean. FRAM Fresh Breeze filters feature a QR code that takes you right to the simple installation instructions.