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2014 Ram Power Wagon New Features Create Off-Road Beast

The Ram Power Wagon may seem like an oddity among heavy duty and off-road trucks, but, for those who know, it is a one-of-a-kind beast. Want to go anywhere with lots of power? This truck is the ticket.

Ever since it was reintroduced in 2005, the Power Wagon grabbed people’s attention. It isn’t every day you see a heavy-duty brute with off-road features normally associated with mid-size and/or special edition half-ton trucks. The unique features to the heavy-duty segment along with a new engine offering helped Ram create the off-road beast.

New Engine for 2014 Dodge Ram

For the 2014 model, Ram decided to give it some more power in the form of a 6.4L Hemi V-8 (up from the 5.7L). This standard engine offering produces 410 HP and 429 ft-lbs of torque.
Ram says it has also specially tuned it to perform better when off-roading. Specifically, Ram has adjusted the 4x4 “Low” driving mode to soften the pedal and raise the idle speed. This helps provide additional control when going up and down steep climbs or obstacles at low speeds.

Keeping with the company focus on providing better fuel economy, the 6.4L engine has Chrysler’s MDS technology. This is their version of cylinder deactivation. When driving highway speeds or other times with HP isn’t needed, the engine will switch off four cylinders in order to save fuel. This occurs seamless to the driver.

All-New Suspension
Carrying over the new suspension in other Ram heavy-duty trucks, the Power Wagon will get a much smoother ride. The new three-link suspension on the front features Bilstein monotube shocks and Ram’s Articulink system. This new suspension gives it a much improved ride.

The Articulink system uses higher movement joints at the control-arm-to-axle mount. This allows the truck to have additional flexibility – meaning it can handle larger obstacles or drops without causing the entire truck to become unstable.

On the rear, Ram is incorporating their five-link coil design. This gives Ram an advantage when going over obstacles as opposed to ridged leaf springs. The coils also help create a smooth highway ride. It really is the best of both worlds.

Off-Road Features
When you plan on doing serious off-roading, your vehicle needs change. Whereas, your greatest problem might have parking a full-size truck in a tight spot, you now need a better suspension, ways to get unstuck and plenty of torque. The Power Wagon gives you everything you need.

For your off-road needs, the Power Wagon comes stock with:

• Front and rear selectable lockers
• Electronic disconnecting sway bar
• Warn 12,000-pound winch
• Ram Articulink front suspension system

These features combined with the impressive output of the 6.4L and the suspension upgrades really puts the Power Wagon into a class of its own. It is quite possibly the most off-road capable truck on the market.

While the Ram certainly has the downside of having a wider track, off-roading isn’t just on a trail with your buddies. The Ram Power Wagon’s off-road prowess is also seen on a ranch or large construction site while towing a load. It truly is the best all-around off-road truck on the market.