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What RAV4 Owner's Toyota Dealer Quoted Him for 60K Maintenance

A heated discussion on Reddit regarding Toyota RAV4 maintenance cost and dealership frivolity begs the question of how much you should pay for a 60,000-mile or six-year service.

Toyota cars are generally reliable and that mostly comes down to the engineering behind them. However, it also comes down to maintenance. The Toyota RAV4 is a consistent player in the SUV segment and a true golden goose for Toyota, even compared to the Highlander and Grand Highlander.

The freshly-redesigned, 2025 Toyota RAV4 is set on giving the competition a wake-up call. With that said, a thread on Reddit started by R/rav4club, regarding the maintenance cost of a Toyota RAV4 owner shows some interesting numbers, quoted by a Toyota dealer.

By now, it is a well-known fact that car companies make more money from financing, dealer options, and of course, servicing. That said, here's what the dealership quoted for a 60,000-mile maintenance on a Toyota RAV4. 

So, how much did the dealer quote for 60,000-mile service on Toyota RAV4? 

Toyota RAV4 quoted maintenance by dealer

This customer was offered three packages when inquiring about the service of his RAV4. 

1. Basic 60,000-mile or six-year service interval, for which the Toyota dealer quoted $439.95. It includes the following procedures: 

  • Oil filter and oil change (5 QTS) 
  • Replacing of the engine air filter 
  • Replacing the cabin air filter 
  • Brake fluid change 
  • Rotate tires and check brakes for wear 
  • Brake fluid change 
  • Perform engine protection service 

2. Peace of mind 60,000-mile or six-year service interval, set at $689.95. It includes the above-mentioned including the following: 

  • Four-wheel alignment 
  • Mass airflow (MAF) service 

3. Platinum peace of mind 60,000-mile or six-year service interval. The dealer quoted $999.95. It includes the previous two packages plus the following:  

  • Balance on four wheels 
  • SuperTune Kit fuel EFI service 

What maintenance do you need to do to your Toyota RAV4 at 60,000 miles or six years and how much should you pay? 

Most Toyota service centers offer service coupons, which greatly reduce the price of maintenance. There are various options and one Reddit user shared positive impressions after going for Toyota's complete maintenance service special coupon, which at $110 sounds like great value. 

Nevertheless, I have broken down the different maintenance procedures, listed in the above-mentioned packages, along with average prices. I have also made it a point to mention what you need and what you don't need to change at 60,000 miles or six years. 

The oil change interval for a 2019-2024 Toyota RAV4 is 10,000 miles or 12 months. At 60,000 miles, you should have done at least six oil changes, including the oil filter. The oil filter is between $7 and $9 while 4.5 quarts of engine oil are around $60.  

The average cost for tire rotation is between $60 and $72. Of course, this greatly depends on location. Some shops will charge you $100 or more for rotating the four tires. 

According to CarAdvice, the average price for a multi-point inspection in the US is $86, with prices varying between $18 to $165. This also includes software diagnostics.  

Cabin air filter is something you can replace yourself with the help of a screwdriver and some enthusiasm. Depending on the brand, it can set you back between $18.95 and $44.99. 

Engine air filter is another part you can change yourself and it will set you back between $17.99 and $90.74 if you go for a premium brand like K&N. A regular one will do you just fine as you'll still need to replace it again, after 15,000 miles. 

Changing your Toyota RAV4 brake fluid is important for optimal braking performance. With that said, the change intervals vary slightly, but one recurring figure is two years.

One Toyota dealership recommends two years or every 20,000-40,000 miles, while others suggest every three to four years. Some old-school mechanics will tell you to inspect the brake fluid color in the reservoir. Fresh brake fluid should be almost as clear as water, with a slight yellow hue. If it's getting darker, it's a good idea to change it. Brake fluid flush costs around $100 on average. 

Engine protection service typically refers to a chemical product, typically an oil or fuel additive that is said to improve lubrication or/and clean the fuel system. At 60,000 miles, your Toyota RAV4 engine should still be fresh unless abused or neglected, so you don't really need that. If you are a fan of such additives, Marvel Mystery Oil is one universal product that works great as, both, fuel and oil additive.  

The interval for wheel alignment greatly depends on the quality of the roads, but every two or three years is a good idea. The worse the road quality, the more often you'll need to do that. Typically, the car steering wheel starts vibrating at around 60-70 mph, so that's an obvious sign that either the tires or your suspension needs alignment.

A wheel alignment should set you back between $50 and $175, depending on whether you need two or all four tires alignment. The numbers are similar when it comes to suspension alignment. 

Mass air flow service should not be a thing. If the MAF sensor is dirty, it means there's a problem with the intake manifold or the air filter. 

SuperTune Kit EFI service typically refers to kits advertised as additives aimed at cleaning the fuel injectors and intake valve, removing any carbon deposits, and improving emissions.  

One thing left out in all three packages quoted by the Toyota dealer was the transmission fluid change. At 60,000 miles, changing the automatic transmission fluid is recommended. If the interval is missed by a lot, don't change it, as it would cause slippage.  

All-wheel-drive variants of Toyota RAV4 are recommended to have the transfer case fluid changed every 30,000 miles or 36 months, meaning by 60,000 miles, a second service is needed. The dealer has not quoted a price for that, so I have to assume the customer drives a front-wheel-drive model. Changing the transfer case fluid typically costs between $75 and $200. 

Toyota RAV4 maintenance is not meant to be expensive for the most part, but dealers might be trying to play off of Toyota's stellar reputation for dependability. After some calculations, I devised a price range of between $280 and $550 for the Toyota RAV4 60,000-mile/ six-year service. I have not included timing chain replacement since it is done every 100,000 miles. 

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