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Here Are More Reasons Why People Are Choosing Other SUVs Over 2023 Toyota Sequoia

After our recent article on why prospect owners of the 2023 Toyota Sequoia turned away from it, more owners came up and shared their reason. Maybe things to look out for?

The new 2023 Toyota Sequoia is by far one of the most important vehicles to come out this year. Mainly because of its sheer size and anticipation. The hype around this beefy SUV is unmatched by any other SUV that is set to come out this year. Starting in the fall months, you will start to see these mammoth sized vehicles roaming our streets and I think that even though the Toyota Land Cruiser is no longer with the U.S market, the new 2023 Toyota Sequoia will fill that spot in nicely.

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However, in a recent article, we covered that probably the main reason besides price that a lot of people are not going to buy the Sequoia is because of the sole fact that the rear trunk window does not fold down like the older generations did. This was because of the curved glass and weight issues that the design teams at Toyota were having which forced them to have to scrap the idea of keeping a roll-down trunk window.

Adding on to that, more prospective buyers have come up and voiced their reasons for not only not wanting a new Sequoia but going with one of the competitors like the Tahoe or Yukon. On Facebook’s 2023 Toyota Sequoia page, Kenneth Tapia asked, “I am very interested in the new Sequoia, but I am reading different things regarding its size/space limitation and overall price compared to the Tahoe. What are y’all’s thoughts on this?” Even though this SUV boasts an MSRP of $70-90k, you can expect dealers to put their window sticker of well over that.

Jay Peterman said, “I've been out on the Sequoia for a while. Don't like the exterior styling (except for TRD Pro), I'm the feeling the interior materials, and they lost me with the cargo space and third row. I got a 2022 Tahoe that I love!” He also said that as long as you get the warranty on the new Tahoe you shouldn’t have a problem with reliability.

Terry Case said, “I went for the Tundra instead, it’s much longer than the Sequoia so there’s plenty of storage space, but obviously doesn’t have the 3rd row if you really need it.” I think that you couldn’t really compare a full-sized SUV to a full-Sized pickup. In terms of specs, they are both different, but I guess you could use a pickup as a family hauler and a full-sized SUV as a tower although I wouldn’t see the efficiency in that. Case did not specify what his use for the Sequoia would have been.

What do you think? Sequoia, or no? Let us know in the comments below.

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