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Lucid Chairman: We Can Compete With Tesla

Lucid Group Chairman Andrew Liveris says Lucid's technology advantage gives it the ability to take on Tesla.


Andrew Liveris, Lucid Group Chairman, believes that his company has what it takes to go head to head with the world's largest EV manufacturer.

During an interview on the David Rubenstein Show, Liveris was asked how Lucid would compete with Tesla when Elon Musk's company "seems to be so far ahead of everybody else." Liveris replied that Lucid's technology advantage sets it apart in the EV market, citing the Lucid Air's record-breaking range and rapid speed of charging as differentiating factors.

Image showing a white Lucid Air driving on a mountainside road.

Liveris also states that he believes that EVs will become the primary mode of transportation within our lifetime and that there's plenty of room for Tesla, Lucid and others in the electric mobility market. He also discusses Lucid's targeting of brands like Porsche, BMW and Audi in the high-end luxury market as Lucid's initial competition.

Following its establishment in the luxury electric segment Lucid plans to head after the mass market populated by GM and Ford which Liveris says represents the biggest opportunity for EV companies. Mr. Liveris goes on to discuss purchasing his own Lucid Air and the ability of the car to turn heads in Florida where he lives.

Check out the interview clip here.

Images by David Rubenstein and Lucid Motors licensed by CC BY 2.0.

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