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Your Accord may be included in expanded Honda,Takata airbag recall

With Honda’s announcement of a National Safety Improvement Campaign, your Honda Accord may be one of 5.4 million vehicles included in this massive Takata airbag related safety measure.


Honda responded Monday to the news of yet another expansion of a Takata airbag systems related recall that commenced in June of 2014. In an unprecedented cooperative effort between Honda,Takata and the NHTSA, last summer’s possibly defective Takata airbag inflation device recall has now been expanded from a regional voluntary action to a national event.

Originally campaigned in regions of high humidity including California, Honda’s opted to take the “what if?” out of the defective airbag equation by covering all(opinion) Acura and Honda vehicles installed with Takata airbag systems between 2001-2011. Will Honda's latest recall list include your late model Accord?

Honda walks the talk when it comes to consumer safety. Torque News has received many emails and comments from readers asking if their particular vehicle is included in the latest voluntary recall action. You may check Honda’s list here. Do you find your Acura, Honda car or light truck on the list? Let's double check here.

The “National Safety Improvement Campaign” was initiated by Honda Motors and Takata Plastics in answer to the call by Honda owners to do more, and is a precautionary defective product safety recall by another name. This Fit owner wonder's if her car is included in the the latest recall?

According to Honda: Honda Dealers will replace the airbag inflation device free of charge to the consumer. Honda states that an incident of frontal airbag over-inflation during collision can result in the explosion of the airbag, resulting in a metal fragment trajectory in the direction of the occupant.

looking to the numbers: While the chance of injury or death by defective airbag remains rare, it has happened. Honda advises that all owners contacted in this latest recall measure participate to their benefit. Also, as experienced by the writer,not participating in a safety recall can impact the future value of your vehicle at trade-in or personal sale.