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Why 2016 KIa Soul earns ‘Best Cars for Families’ Award

The difference that is 2016 Kia Soul begins with the interior image pictured above. How did Soul beat out Honda Civic, HR-V, Ford Escort and others for top family honors?

Kia’s very unique looking compact crossover was just awarded U.S. News & Reports “Best Cars for Families” awards in both subcompact and hatchback segments -- leaving Honda, Ford, Mazda and others in the rearview mirror.

While auto publication acknowledgement may be a bit skewed at times, U.S. New & Reports “Best Cars for Families” award is based on not only drive review penned by qualified automotive review guys and gals like your’s truly, but feedback from real-time subject vehicle owners like yourself.

While I’m not privy to the exacting standards of the compilation leading to the winning tally, looking to the participants in USN’s latest competition, based on 2016 Kia Soul’s exceptional interior quality, ease of operation, and personal electronic connectivity, 2016 Kia Soul took the brass ring.

Furthermore, taking in to account Kia Soul’s overall interior comfort, spaciousness and “fun-to-drive” vehicle dynamics, Kia Soul beat all comers in not only the compact car segment, but the hatchback segment -- no small feat. There’s some great competition out there. Here is my latest 2016 Honda Fit drive review.

Behind the wheel, I was blown away by how good Kia Soul actually is

As shared with me last fall in Seattle, Washington by Kia Public Relations: “With a 10 year bumper to bumper warranty, we can’t afford to build anything less than an exceptional vehicle.” Say what you will about Kia Soul “boxiness,“ cartoon-like exterior body design. Either you’ll like it or you won’t. I’m one of the latter. Personally, I was just a bit blown away by Kia Soul quality construction standards.

Kia Soul lines work! Understated, yet finished impeccably in a minimalist color palette unique to Kia Soul. On the inside of Kia’s compact 5-door hatchback, you’ll discover a surprisingly roomy and refined interior designed to comfortably fit 4 adults, with luggage, groceries, kids, a Sherpa and a husky - dogsled team. ( I tossed in the last sentence to see if you were still with me.)

I’m sure you get the picture: Not only does 2016 Kia Soul provide a spacious, comfortable confine of unusual headroom, decent interior to exterior visibility, and passenger-cargo convertibility, it does so at a very reasonable MSRP. ( $15,800 to $21,200 +) * Gasoline powered 130 to 164 horsepower FWD/ 6 speed manual or Sportmatic ™ electronically shifted automatic transmission.
You may view full specifications here.

I like Kia Soul for its low center of gravity handling feel, mostly power operated convenience features, and its van-like hauling capacity when the second row seating is in the fold position. Also, it looks cool!

For those of you looking for an exceptional value in a mid-range electric vehicle, 2016 Kia Soul does that too. Read my 2016 Soul EV review here.