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These 3 segment leaders earn Honda 2018 ‘Best SUV Brand’

With no shortage of well built, affordable, crossovers and SUVs available on the market, 3 Honda offerings dominate their respective segments in consumer want and needs attributes, earning U.S. News and World Report’s 2018 “Best SUV Brand.” What sets Honda apart from the crowd?


We complete the reinvention of American Honda Motors this week with the Napa, California drive reveal of Clarity electric. This too will someday be available in crossover format, as Honda reaches for a 75% fleet electrification by model year 2030, a mere 2 generations off in car development timelines.

In the meantime, Honda produces 3 fuel efficient, and fun to drive well-connected crossover/SUV utility vehicles that continue to outperform the competition in interior comfort, ease of personal electronic connectivity, and in most applications, advanced active safety features-standard across the trim walk.

Honda HR-V sets sales records in 2017

Over the past few months, Honda’s portal subcompact crossover HR-V sets new sales records, month after month, -- as mostly young buyers look for a sporty coupe-like-crossover, available with slop-ready all-weather AWD capability, turn to subcompact HR-V for fun to drive, comfortable attributes, and Fit-like fuel efficiency. Torque News takes HR-V camping in style. And, HR-V is affordable.

Honda CR-V continues to raise the bar in compact SUV performance and refinement

As hard as we may try to fault CR-V when comparing Honda’s near midsize compact crossover to a growing segment of rather well built crossovers and SUVs, CR-V consistently comes out on top with exceptional fuel efficiency, turbocharged torque, and a well appointed premium interior. Featuring class-leading second row leg and headroom, and arguably the best freeway ride in the segment, Torque News likes CR-V for it’s car-like road manners, and available spot-on Real Time all-wheel-drive.

If I was to change anything here, it would be to dial-down the rear tail light design, just a tad. Other than that, perfect!

Honda Pilot is on a roll with a record increase in sales for November.

When Torque News first drove the reinvented Pilot back in 2015, we questioned rather or not this exceptional 3-row wasn’t undermining Acura MDX luxury SUV sales, it’s that good. Offering seating for up to 8 passengers, Pilot is Honda’s largest SUV. For 2018 we discover a handful of electronic upgrades, and a price point that’s sure to please the most budget conscious. I’ve yet to meet a Pilot owner of any generation that didn’t praise the comfort and utility of Honda’s largest light truck offering. Active families, and construction workers alike, love Pilot.

The bonus found here for me is one of the last 3.5 Liter normally aspirated cylinder managed V6 engines available in the midsize SUV segment. With the competition turning to lower displacement turbocharged 4-cylinder engines, I recommend Honda Pilot to the light truck fan that still appreciates the exhaust tone and torque-line of a finely tuned fuel injected V6.

With Pilot, one finds the boat-towing, outback utility of a truck melded with the refinement and comfort of a well appointed urbane computer.Available in FWD, (front wheel drive) or AWD, I recommend a Honda Pilot test drive to anyone considering the purchase of a midsize 3-row crossover or SUV.

Getting down to it: U.S. News and World Report names Honda 2018 “Best SUV Brand”

Actually, when looking to the competition, the aforementioned is astounding news. With every major and minor auto manufacturer selling in the U.S. competing for market shares in what is often referred to as a “red hot” market segment, Honda comes out on top of all comers. Congratulations Honda.