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Sweeping changes to continue for American Honda Motors in 2016

2016 Civic, HR-V and Pilot according to American Honda Motors is just the beginning of a Honda Renaissance. What sweeping changes can Honda fans anticipate for 2016?

looking to 2015, Honda fans and Haters alike were a bit blown away by the ongoing reinvention of the mostly “Made in America” metric lineup, as American Honda Motors rolled out “2015 The Year of Honda.”

With 2016 Honda Civic and Pilot placed on the short list for “North American Car and Truck of the Year,” and subsequent retail sales of Honda’s ‘bread and butter’ car Civic, returning the icon to near record numbers, Honda’s assumed intention to dominate compact car and midsize crossover sales in North America is well under way, and attainable.

Unprecedented innovative auto roll out continues

Pushed through greater innovation and sweeping changes within the lineup, Honda is reportedly on track for a fantastic 2016 (2017 model year) product reveal. Next month in Detroit, Honda fans and media alike will be treated to the reveal of 2017 Ridgeline Pickup. What’s to follow Ridgeline, Honda’s not saying.

Participating in Honda’s new model rollout has been both exhilarating and exhausting

In 2015, Honda-Torque News followed Honda , Acura to no less than 6 states and 10 cities in search of that perfect Honda ride, and a bit of news as to cutting edge technology driven safety and performance.

22,000 miles in the air, and 14,000 miles driven in the seat of Honda innovation has left us wanting more, “Jonesing” for our next Honda experience. We’re hooked, Honda style!

Beginning in January, with the international reveal of 2017 Honda Ridgeline Pickup, American Honda Motors will continue the reinvention of North America’s original Asian import. Sprung from humble beginnings and the dream of a mechanic, racer with an eye to the future, Honda will continue the unprecedented “entire’ redesign of its lineup with an all new Civic Hatchback, CR-V SUV, Odyssey minivan , next generation Accord Hybrid and Clarity FCEV. Did we leave anything out?

CR-Z Hybrids, plug-in Accord EV, 2000 Roadster, yes they’re coming to

I wish to thank you and Honda enthusiasts from around the world for reading Honda-Torque News in 2015. Sending wishes for a very Happy New Year, safe and trouble-free driving to you and yours in 2016.