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SEMA’s Campaign to Preserve Grass Roots Racing Continues (Video)

Yes, we know: I’ve been talking about this Federal EPA legislative issue for well over a year. But, with a new administration and a turnover in Congress, your right to modify and race manufactured street-based cars and light trucks is at risk.

Initially the E.P.A. backed off on the enforcement of a track-side ban of home-built, modified street and off road race cars and trucks. That was mid year 2016, and while SEMA members and auto racing fans from around the country were successful in catching the attention of the E.P.A., joint congress and the auto-media, once again the issue raises it’s gnarly head. In short, SEMA’s campaign to preserve grass roots racing begins and ends with your personal involvement. End the end it’s a question of affordable access to the hands on world of Motorsports.

SEMA’s action committee is once again asking industry insiders, team owners, team and U.S. race fans to once again sign and submit letters to their respective legislators. This is a no brainer. Without grassroots, community track racing, there would be no future in professional motorsports.

Hobby racing is essentially the only gateway to the pros, be it ¼ mile dirt, pavement, SCCA vintage, drag racing, you name it, Grass Roots Racing is the background of the sport.

Learn more about SEMA efforts here.

* Photo Wikipedia Commons 2007/ Royal Brook.