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2017 Honda Ridgeline comes to market with segment topping MPG

While fuel economy may be secondary for many light duty pickup truck owners, 2017 Ridgeline comes to market with surprising fuel efficiency, in fact, the best for V6 power in the compact truck segment.

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Thanks to our friends at we now have an EPA fuel efficiency rating for Honda’s reinvented V6 Ridgeline pickup truck. Last year I’d predicted that Ridgeline fuel efficiency would be in line with the much updated and refined 2016 Honda Pilot.

Pretty darn close! Pilot beats Ridgeline by a paltry 1 mpg in similar trim -- giving Ridgeline an EPA rated 18 city/25 Hwy in all-wheel-drive trim -- a full 5 MPG over last generation Ridgeline

2017 Ridgeline pencils out to be the most fuel efficient V6 in the compact truck segment

Apples to apples, I’m not convinced that comparing 2017 Ridgeline to Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon is a fair comparison. In practice, none of the competition will meet or beat Ridgeline’s unique combination of car-like ride and expanded interior comfort, or Honda’s advanced active safety features and “select” drive mode, traction and lock differential foul weather towing capability -- that’s just my opinion.

No 4 banger for Ridgeline

2017 Ridgeline comes to market with one 3.5 Liter V6 engine and a 6 speed automatic transmission option. For the first time in Ridgeline history, buyer’s can opt for a front wheel drive Ridgeline. This looks like a customized street-truck opportunity to me. Honda R&D has pulled a ‘rabbit out of the hat’ by presenting a more powerful Ridgeline (280 horsepower/262 lb-ft torque) while increasing fuel efficiency.

This is good news for current and past Ridgeline owners whose primary, and often only complaint with the truck has been fuel efficiency. Done!

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