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2016 Civic options the ease of Honda Sensing

I fought the advent of active safety just as hard as any seasoned hands-on-the-wheel control freak, that was 2 years ago. Today, these systems are quickly becoming the norm, as Honda Civic and other offerings option the ease of Honda Sensing ™ .


My Monday morning virtual inbox is full of the usual: Inspirations; salutations and solicitations. However, this morning while digging through the virtual pile I stumbled upon a happy accolade, something that’s a bit rare in my somewhat over analytical world of automotive development and car drive review.

Hey, don’t read me wrong here, I love what I do. Everyday is an eye opener in what is arguably a, if not the, new golden age of the automobile. It’s been stated that more new auto technologies will come to fruition over the next 6 years, than in the past 50. No doubt, we’re set on hyper-drive when it comes to Autonomous driving and active safety accident avoidance technologies. I dove this car brake and mostly hands-free across Los Angeles,California, in heavy stop and go traffic.Honda_Accord_Coupe“Honda Sensing” takes stress out of your morning commute

From our fellow Forum members at CivicX.Com comes the story of a Cincinnati, Ohio daily grind that just got measurable easier. According to ‘Cincysports’ the proud owner of a 2016 Honda Civic Sedan, Honda Sensing ™, and a willingness to co-drive with the assistance of Honda’s active safety sweet, adaptive cruise control, Lane Keep Assist ™, etc, has taken the stress out of his or her’s daily 45 minute one-way workday commute. Sure, Volvo has it too.

“Hi All-

Just bought a Touring sedan this week and felt compelled to share my thoughts. These forums were amazing for general research and pricing strategy on the buying process. But even if I hadn't got a phenomenal deal I would still be sooo pleased with this car.

I have a 60 mile round trip work commute. About 45 of that is highway driving in varying degrees of congested traffic. Long story short it was an annoying and stressful drive.

Honda Sensing has changed all of that. I turn it on, dip into the second from right lane, set it at an appreciable speed relative to traffic, and coast.

Traffic slow down? No problem. Let Sensing handle it. Traffic jam? Just press the RES button when it's time to move again.

Most of the time I'm listening to a podcast with my hand lightly on the steering wheel while LKAS does the heavy lifting.

It's early tech but I think Sensing is a sign of great things to come and it's looking like a bright future!

PS - I love actual, fun, hands-on driving. And the Civic does this remarkably well too.”