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GM Rumored To Announce Duet Of Michigan EV Investments Next Week

General Motors has been teasing some form of investment for two of its plants in Michigan for a while now. However, a new set of rumors suggest that the company could issue a statement as early as next week on where things formally stand.

The rumors were picked up by the folks at InsideEVs after being discovered by the Detroit News and it appears that the alleged Michigan investment will focus on two Michigan plants that we have covered here before, the Delta Township assembly plant in Lansing, and the currently idled Orion Assembly Plant in Orion Township.

Tax Break Requests Provide Strong Early Hints
Orion Assembly

It was announced a short while ago that GM secured tax abatements from the Orion Township council for improvements that would help transform the current home of the beleaguered Chevrolet Bolt into a cog in GM's Ultium fueled EV machine. While it's still unknown what kind of exact improvements are coming to Orion, it's a safe bet to assume that a major retooling of the plant is in the cards along with building expansions that would allow the facility to better integrate with GM's EV ambitions. As mentioned, Orion is a good example of flexibility and has been home to numerous GM models during its 50-year existence.

As for the Delta Township assembly plant, the proposed investments there would not be focused so much on production, but rather the creation of an all-new battery cell plant that would most likely be built with the assistance of Battery Supplier LG Energy Solutions. This latest construction would potentially be another visible fruit of the partnership that GM and LG formed which is called "Ultium Cells."

Investment Will Help Create Jobs

General Motors for its part has not revealed the exact amount of the investment, but separate rumors suggest that the total of the investment could reach $6.5 billion. While that might seem like a mighty figure, it will help create jobs for both plants which will have a broader benefit for the Michigan economy.

The investment could also ease the concerns raised by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer who claimed that Michigan was not getting a fair consideration for EV projects after Ford bypassed Michigan and rewarded Kentucky and Tennessee with two major EV investments in late 2021.

Photo Credit: General Motors

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