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Tesla's Gigantic Solar Powered Super Charger Station

Tesla has a gigantic solar powered super charger station and there will be more of these that spring up over time.

Tesla is Using Solar Power for Its Super Chargers

There is a gigantic solar powered super charger station in Santa Montica California. You can see a large array of solar panels on top with numerous super charger stalls below. In fact, there appears to be 62 super charger stalls.

Are there any other super charger stations from Tesla that are using solar panels to help provide energy? There was one announced for Arizona, a v4 Supercharger and Elon Musk said in 2017, that he plans to add solar and batteries to all Supercharger stations.

There would also include a discount from the grid from using a Supercharger station, giving them a competitive advantage in cost -vs- other companies doing charging for electric vehicles.

The v4 supercharger is planned for Yuma County in Arizona and will include 40 stalls plus two 4,500 square foot solar arrays and a Megapack. This would be by the Dateland Travel Center, right along Interstate 8 on the SD to Tucson route.

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Future of Super Chargers

If Elon Musk's statement about superchargers holds true today than we can predict the following about Tesla superchargers. That they will be discounted from grid energy costs and they will eventually all include solar arrays and a Megpack.

This is very cool and will make Tesla superchargers the ultimate infrastructure for charging an electric vehicle. It just so happens right now that batteries and materials for EVs are still being harvested and created to try and match the great demand needed.

One day, there will be enough battery materials to power all the renewable energy needs of the world, especially when most of the vehicle fleet has transitioned to electric vehicles. It think it's incredible that Elon Musk has helped transition the world to sustainable energy for both vehicles and stationary storage/grid energy.

It's unknown how much energy the solar arrays will provide. It probably matters what time of day it is, but with each supercharger having a Megapack, it should make night time charging easy and cheap.

What do you think of this giant solar array supercharger station? Will Tesla eventually make all supercharger stations have solar arrays?

You can see this giant super charger station here from this YouTube video by Frank Hansen:

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