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Tesla's 360 Degree Parking View With FSD Beta 10.69.25

We have a video of a 360 degree parking view in a Tesla with a latest update with FSD.

Tesla 360 Degree Parking

One of the complaints about Tesla vehicles is that the backup camera is often cloudy and dirty and doesn't have a 360 degree parking view. With a latest update with FSD Beta, you now can see a top down view of your car parking.

When you see the screen on the left, you will see all the other cars around you. It's using the cameras on the sides to visualize the cars next to you. This feature is possible in all Tesla vehicles whether it be a Model Y or Model 3 or something else.

As you reverse out, you can see the cars around you still. There is some wobbling of the cars in the user interface, but you can easily see all the cars around you, making parking and getting out of a parking space easy.

This user disabled FSD and went to go park again and the Tesla screen still showed all the vehicles around. He was able to pull into the parking stall and all the vehicles around him were visible. He then went to back out of the stall with FSD Beta disabled. In this case he could see the cars when going in, but not when backing out.

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Future Updates with FSD

Tesla FSD has a variety of features. You can only see the cars around you when backing out when FSD is enabled. Tesla also has enhanced autopilot as a feature that allows your car to change lanes when it is on the freeway.

It is expected that version 11 of FSD is going to be released sometime in the next month. When you are driving around with FSD you will see an incredible amount of detail.

Right now, Tesla FSD is available for a monthly subscription of $199 and a full price of $15,000. Enhanced autopilot is also available for $6,000. When you buy either of these outright, they stay with the car for the remainder of its life.

What do you think of this 360 degree parking view by Tesla FSD? Do you think it's useful?

For more information, see this video from ColdEnvy:

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Image Credit, ColdEnvyScreenshot