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Tesla Sends Urgent Texts To Customers - Incentive Upped to $7,500 for Delivery Before Year End 2022

Tesla has upped their incentive for taking delivery of any Model 3 or Model Y vehicles before the end of 2022. Tesla is offering a sweet deal.

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In breakings news just announced, Tesla is now offering a discount of $7,500, which is up from the current $3,750 for anyone that takes delivery of a new/inventory Model Y or Model 3 in the US before the end of this year.

Buyers will also get 10,000 free Supercharger miles as well. This is as if you were getting the $7,500 from the IRA (inflation reduction act) already. Tesla is making it a Merry Christmas for everyone.

Tesla has sent urgent texts to customers who are waiting to take delivery. The texts say:

EXCITING NEWS! If you take delivery between now and December 31st of a Model 3 or Y, you will receive a price adjustment on your order of $7500 AND 10,000 FREE supercharging miles.

Interested in taking advantage of this special incentive? Reply YES.

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Will There Be Any More Discounts?

Sawyer Merritt from Twitter states that this is actually a better deal than the $7,500 IRA EV credit, which would be in 2023 since this is $7,500 directly off the car and your tax bill on the car is lower due to this and you get the 10,000 free Supercharger miles. You would get your IRA credit when filing your 2024 taxes.

I think this is a steal and Tesla is really trying to sell every extra vehicle they have in preparation for 2023 and the new versions of its vehicles to come. I don't think there will be any more discounts after this one for 2022.

Do you think this is a good deal? Would you buy a Tesla now?

Also, the source of the text can be found here:

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Update: Here is what Torque News editor Armen Hareyan thinks about Tesla offering this urgent discount in a new video release from Torque News Youtube channel.

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Bob (not verified)    February 22, 2023 - 12:45AM

We took delivery December 15 2022 Got 10000 free supercharging miles but not $3750. Going to call Tesla. After we picked up Tesla announced another $3750 incentive. Has anyone gotten the second $3750 even though car picked up before second announcement.